SRS Skin Lift with Micro Botox Effect


Skin Lift is a preparation with firming properties, designed for flaccid and matte skin with current wrinkles.



  reduction of facial wrinkles
  increasing skin density
  moisturizing the skin
  effective and safe rejuvenating treatments

Effect duration:
For long-term effects, 1 session every 3 - 6 months is enough. Optimally one session every six weeks.

The preparation contains:

  Hyaluronic acid 10 mg / ml
  Argireline - a unique peptide, is a chain of six amino acids, is a non-toxic, safer and milder alternative to Botox. It works at the level of neuromuscular synapses and relaxes the mimic muscles responsible for wrinkle formation
  An agent preventing the formation of free radicals

Price per 5ml Vial. Available also in box of 6 

SRS Cocktail Line - Skin Lift