SRS Ascorbic Acid - vitamin C.


  • Revitalizing and anti-oxidative substance
  • Protects the cells from free radicals
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Reduces the production of melanin
  • Has a skin-lightening and regenerating effect
  • Reduces incorrect pigmentation


SRS Mesotherapy


Ascorbic acid (vitamin C; 20%) is an effective antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals that are responsible for environmental skin aging. Aggressive free radicals arise from increasing pollution, smoking and excessive sun exposure and can irreversibly damage cells. This accelerates the aging process of the skin, the skin loses its elasticity at an early stage, and the overall appearance of the skin structure deteriorates. In addition, dark spots (age spots) can form.
Ascorbic acid prevents the formation of melanin, stimulates the formation of the skin's hydro-lipid film and improves collagen synthesis, one of the most important skin proteins, which is responsible for the structure and elasticity of the tissue.
Vitamin C is used in particular for light-related skin aging, uneven skin texture and to fight wrinkles.

SRS Component Line - Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C

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