Treats anti-ageing, stretch marks and cellulite, hair loss


CENTELLA....ASIAN GREEN - Cell activating product - Concentration: 1%



ABOUT CENTELLA - The Asian pennywort has been identified in numerous studies as an excellent wound healing aid. This is possible due to the unusual molecular structure of the pennywort, and in particular - the presence of Asian acid, which supports the process of collagen and elastin biosynthesis, while supporting the scarring of wounds due to faster covering with their epithelium and normalization of connective tissue. Such action, in turn, translates into faster reconstruction of venous walls and an increase in their flexibility. The use of the Asian pennywort makes it possible to improve the condition of the connective tissue, increase the share of antioxidants in the wound healing process and generally improve the condition of the capillaries.



 💉Treatment of diagnosed venous problems,
💉Prevention of excessive skin aging,
💉Treatment of hypertrophic scars (keloids)
💉Treatment of skin ulcers,
💉Elimination of stretch marks and reduction of cellulite,
💉Supporting the healing process of wounds,
💉Prevention of dermatitis,
💉Prevention of excessive hair loss.


Price per 2ml ampule. Available also in box of 20 

SRS Advanced Line - Centella

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