Perma Blend Liquorice Stick from the Clinical Academy - Tones of Perma Blend Fitzpatrick 5-6.


Tones of Perma Blend is an eyebrow pigment collection developed in collaboration with Naomi O'Hara from the Clinical Academy - one of the UK's leading permanent make-up and microblading specialists.


The three Tones of Perma Blend series are based on the Fitzpatrick Scale of skin tone and take a 360-degree approach to colour. They have been formulated to take the guess work out of choosing the best colour for your client.


Tones of Perma Blend Set 3 has been designed for use with clients who have a Fitzpatrick 5-6 skin type.


Available in a 15 ml bottle. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.


Perma Blend are one of the leading brands for permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation pigments. They are known for their vibrant colours that stay true even after treatment. The pigments are stable, easy to apply and tested and approved by the German CTL laboratory. Perma Blend pigments can be mixed with each other.


Perma Blend - Liquorice Stick (15ml)

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