With our new product; the InfectionGard Sanitising Spray, you can now carry your own misting device containing our formula of TriBioSan. This allows you to apply the spray directly where pathogens tend to gather and drastically reduce the risk of diseases spreading.

Easy to use and with a refillable container, this spray can be utilised within all sectors. While it is guaranteed to kill 99.9999% of pathogens present, the mist itself is completely toxic-free and harmless to people and animals. This makes it suitable to use in public environments as well as in your home.


• Kills 99.9999% of pathogens present
• Skin pH neutral
• Fragrance Free
• Contains no alcohol
• Contains no bleach
• Non-flammable
• Non-irritant
• Leaves no residue
• Has no COSHH (Health & Safety) implications
• Environmentally neutral
• Harmless to people, plants and animals



  • 330ml refillable container

InfectionGard™ Sanitising Spray 330ml

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