Disposable Complete Microblading Pen


Available In Following U Shape & Curved Flexi Configurations:


7 Pin Curved Flexi

9 Pin Curved Flexi

12 Pin Curved Flexi

14 Pin Curved Flexi

12 Pin U Flexi

14 Pin U Flexi

18 Pin U Flexi


  • Self adhesvive sterilised micro brush for rubbing pigment into the skin
  • High quality microblading needles (medical grade steel)
  • Microblade is pre-fitted
  • Slim, lightweight with an ergonomic design
  • ISO 9002 certified
  • Choose your pin size from the menu


Each hand tool supplied with LOT number & Sterile Expiry DateShrink wrapped tools are NOT sterile and as such should be avoided

Elimination of cross contamination and infection risk is a priority when performing micro-blade treatments.


Individual Handtool       £ 4.50 per Handtool plus VAT

Pack of 10 Handtools - £ 3.95 per Handtool plus VAT

This item is individually packaged and EO sterilized