A lovely brown for light ash brunettes who don’t like a lot of red tones. Brown sugar can also be used for soft eyeliner and for cooling medium/dark eyebrow colours.

760 Cool - Medium - Brown Sugar

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  • SofTap®  Pigment is sold in 7ml tube.

    SofTap®  Pigment is a sterile glycerine based hypo-allergenic micro-pigmentation pigment.

    SofTap®  Pigments have been produced since 1988 in California, USA and the ingredients used are FDA approved to FDA 21 CFR 73.2250 and 73.1200.  

    SofTap®  Pigments meet all of the requirements set forth in RESAP (2008).

    SofTap® Pigments can be mixed with other colours for the SofTap® for optimum results.  Must NOT be mixed with pigments of other manufacturers.

    SofTap®  Pigment use by date is imprinted in the crimped base of the tube.

    SofTap® Pigment - Consultation and Pre-Usage Guide.

    SofTap® pigment must not be applied with allergies present on one or more ingredients. 

    SofTap® Pigment contains one or more ingredients.

    SofTap® Pigment does not Contain any harmful ingredients. However during pregnancy SofTap® inc states women  should not be treated.


    In following cases SofTap® Pigment should be used only after consultation with medical professional:


    Autoimmune Diseases

    Blood thinning medications




    Febrile infections




    Skin diseases

    Immune-deficiency disease or conditions


    The treatment area and surround must be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before the SPMU procedure.


    How to use SofTap® Pigment

    SofTap® Pigments are to be used by Microblade or SofTap® method qualified therapist.

    SofTap®  Pigments are to be used by therapists qualified in infection control for microblading or  SofTap® method.

    SofTap®  Pigments are to be used by therapists holding the relevant licences specific to their own region.

    SofTap®  pigment is applied by sterile needles.

    SofTap® pigments should be thoroughly shaken before use.

    SofTap®  Pigment tubes must be sealed immediately after dispensing.

    SofTap®  Pigment tubes are only to be opened only in hygenic surrounding wearing clean gloves and mouth protector.

    Hairstrokes to be made by 'dipping' blade into small amount of pigment, once brow hairstrokes have been created the area to be 'soaked' with the pigment using individual q-tip per brow for minimum of 10 minutes. This process can be repeated during the treatment allowing a minimum 10 minute pigment soak.

    New Microblade brows must be cleansed with a slightly dampened cotton pad (boiled cooled water - not wet

    For best results and colour retention SofTap® Recover-All Aftercare Cream should be applied in a thin layer 2-3 times per day or when required if brows feel dry. (Water-Oil based creams can soften the pigment and causes excess fading)

    During the healing process As long as the work is not completely healed, any contact with dirt must be avoided. Brows must not be touched except with clean cotton q tip for aftercare cream application or thoroughly cleaned hands.

    Swimming, Solarium, Sun-Tanning, Sauna as all these activities will adversely affect the outcome of the treatment. outcome of the treatment and could give rise to infection.

    SofTap®  Pigment General Notes

    SofTap®  Pigment Should be kept out of the reach of children.

    Store below the temperature of 20 ° C.

    Keep pigments away from the humidity and direct sunlight.

    SofTap® The pigment pigments must not be used after the expiry date labeled in the package. must not be used after the expiry date stamped on the package.